Architect SEO & AdWords Case Study

Greg Robinson Architect, a local residential architecture firm in Bellingham, WA, partnered with Get Simple Co (formerly Ethoseo) in late 2014 with the objective of increasing online visibility in search results and ultimately driving new business from Google search. To accomplish this, we put together a comprehensive search marketing plan covering on-site SEO, local SEO, and targeted Google AdWords campaigns intended to help introduce new users to Greg’s brand and drive phone calls from Washington state residents looking to design a new home.


As a one-man architecture firm with a focus on high-end residential projects, Greg’s priority was not necessarily a high volume of new leads, but rather a consistent flow of interest from qualified potential customers. Since the conversion process for an architecture engagement can take quite a while, the goal was to introduce potential clients to Greg’s brand, process, and style of work, rather than using advertising to sell and convert quickly.  


To accomplish Greg’s intended goals, we laid out a search marketing strategy including the following:

  • A new measurement model built in collaboration with Greg to track all essential website interactions, including call tracking for new leads and Google Analytics goals, and consolidating existing analytics data (primarily Squarespace native analytics)
  • Basic on-site SEO, targeting a few high-value keywords essential for the brand
  • Image optimization, to increase visibility for the high-quality photos in Greg’s portfolio
  • Local SEO, including Google My Business listing optimization and other local citation building
  • Several Google AdWords campaigns, geared toward both long tail and head terms surrounding residential architecture in the Pacific Northwest


Over the 12 months of our engagement, Greg’s website saw a steady increase in search engine rankings, both in long tail terms related to images in his portfolio and in the essential head terms related to residential architecture needed to establish local brand awareness through search.

Bing Ranking Increase Graph

Year 1 Results SEO

  • Consistently maintained high search rankings for a variety of keywords and phrases important to the business, with the site ranking in the 1-3 position for an average of 17-22 keywords in Google, and 17-20 in Bing, over the most recent six-month period
  • Total rankings increase of over 1,000 positions in Google
  • 15 first time callers from Google organic, 9 first time callers from Google paid, and 3 each from Bing and Yahoo organic
  • Over 800 ranking increases across 50+ tracked keywords
  • Top 3 rankings for several key head terms, as well as a number of long tail architecture-related keywords
  • Dramatic increase in Google Local rankings, especially for head and geo-targeted terms
  • Steady keyword growth even in the following year, with little to no additional optimization’

Year 1 Results AdWords

  • AdWords: more than doubled CTR in the first quarter of the campaign, from 1.42% to over 3%
  • Increased CTR month over month from a low of 1.42% to a high of 5.11% in less than eight months
  • Impression share (the number of people who saw the ads) went from less than 10% to 79.10% in the first month.
  • Delivered 315 new leads via active AdWords management and on-site optimization

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