How It Works

Web Design

We’ve broken our web design packages into four levels, anywhere from a basic starter site (Invent) to a full-fledged enterprise website design with advertising (Intensify). You’ll pick the one you think best suits your business and add it to your cart.

The required minimum for any website build is a 12-month commitment, going up to 24 or 36, which includes the initial build, changes to the content and imagery over the year, ongoing optimization, and technical support!

Once you checkout and we receive your payment, we’ll shoot out an email following up! In that, we’ll go over what your business is, your goals for that business, target audiences, design ideas such as colors, fonts, imagery, and more.

After we have all the information we need we’ll spend 3 to 7 days (depending on complexity) building out your site, send it to you for review and, once everything is just right, we’ll make it live! Once live, we suggest sharing with your social accounts, personal accounts and/or sending out a newsletter to let your customers know.

Search Engine Optimization

For those who aren’t familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), it is the process of identifying and utilizing keywords and/or phrases that search engines deem relevant to users. Your website and content are then ranked within the search engines and shown according to its relevance.

Get Simple Co's SEO process is designed to help you increase your search engine rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, by prioritizing a great user experience and ensuring your site is well optimized.

Our process is as follows:

Week One: First we research keywords that best fit your site, set up  Google (and Bing) Webmaster Tools, run an audit on your site to see how it’s performing, then optimize it by using keywords we uncovered during the keyword research process!

Week Two: In week two we'll review the copy on your website, and submit your website to as many local citations as possible - The top being Google, Facebook, and Bing. Followed by sites like  Yelp, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, and Foursquare.

Ongoing: A high ranking website is backed by robust content. Put simply; we believe an important step in the success of your website is establishing your blog. To make this a reality we find a handful of topics to blog about, and write at least one short form content piece as well as a handful of social shares to get your message out to the world.

Online Advertising

The goal of our SEO services is to help your site work its way up Google’s rankings organically, but it’s never a good idea to have ALL your eggs in one basket. That’s where pay-per-click (PPC) advertising comes in!

To get started, we’ll do some research to gather an extensive list of keywords that best fit your products, services, and pages of your website. We then begin crafting ads with relevant and intriguing copy that dovetails with the unique content on your website. Once you've approved the ads, we launch the campaign, keeping a close eye on the performance and results. We then perform ongoing optimization and monthly reporting to keep you in the loop.

Each package includes the research, building, and optimization of your campaigns. That said, you’ll need to make sure you have a budget set aside for running the ads when the time comes. It can be anywhere from $50 to $1000 a month depending on your marketing goals.

Web Maintenance

No site is set and forget. Thus, we provide ongoing web maintenance plans for simple updates and revisions. We’re not talking a complete overhaul and redesign multiple times a year, just simple updates here and there, staying on top of your products and service descriptions as your business expands.

We have services ranging from quarterly maintenance (Manage) updates to weekly (Advance) - along with updates, each includes an analytics report and ‘round the clock email support.

Google Analytics Setup

Having Google Analytics installed on your website is essential – here's why.

If we think of a website as a sales tool, or another sales person in your organization, it's important to keep tabs on how it's performing, just as you would with an employee. To do this, we use the Google Analytics' ABC framework.

A - Acquisition - how visitors got to your site

B - Behavior - what they did once they got there

C - Conversions (outcomes) - whether or not they performed a valuable action (called, emailed, or purchased)

Our Google Analytics (GA) setup is a one time fee, followed by a custom report for your website. We’d also suggest signing up for one of our Maintenance services as well, so you receive regular reports on your site’s performance!


If you have anymore questions about what we're doing and how we do it, feel free to contact us