Web Maintenance Services

With an ever changing force such as the web, no site is set-and-forget. To keep your website running smoothly you need to maintain a concerted effort to improve its performance over time - optimizing, updating, and backing up your site to resolve any issues before they occur.

GetSimple web maintenance includes steps such as:

  • Routinely checking Google Search Console and Bing to ensure the site is running smoothly, avoiding errors, and delivering quick load times.
  • Updating Wordpress, Squarespace or Shopify as needed.
  • Regularly backing up the website’s database and content.
  • Adding fresh content, images, video or audio to the site as needed.
  • Providing monthly or quarterly web reporting and task completion reports for your site, including a review of search engine rankings and paid search performance.
  • The option for phone, email or video support.