SEO Mini Audit

SEO Mini Audit

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Search engine optimization is a moving target. Staying abreast of all the changes and improving your rankings (and thus, revenue) can often feel like a full-time job. And sometimes, updating your site can lead to unintended consequences, like a drop in rankings, or worse, removal from search engines entirely.

That’s why we created the SEO Mini Audit.

Our mini audit reviews the most essential on-site and off-site elements and provides you with a detailed plan on how to fix any issues that we uncover. You can sign up for these audits on a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual basis, and have custom recommendations delivered straight to your inbox.

With every mini audit we include:

  • Custom SEO recommendations for your content management system (e.g., WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc.)
  • Content recommendations to ensure your pages are aligned with what people are searching for online
  • PR / link earning opportunities to increase your reach and trust signals across the web
  • A one-hour phone call or WebEx to review your custom SEO Audit

If this sounds like something that could help you or your organization, let's talk.